Arkansas Nuclear One Power Plant, Arkansas

Arkansas's only nuclear power plant is located in London, Arkansas, adjacent to Lake Dardanelle, from which it draws its cooling water. It is home to two pressurized water reactors, and is operated by Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc., on behalf of owner Entergy Arkansas, Inc. Unit 1's output capacity is 850MW, while Unit 2's output capacity is 912MW. Unit 1's operating license was issued in 1974, while Unit 2's operating license was issued in 1978. There is a 447-foot-tall cooling tower also to be found on-site, but it is only used by Unit 2, as Unit 1 discharges its excess heat directly into Lake Dardanelle. In 2014, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) cited the plant for a 2013 industrial accident which left one worker dead, and eight others injured. In 2015, the NRC cited the plant for significant security and safety violations, as well as for deficiencies in their flood protection plan. Ultimately the NRC assigned Arkansas Nuclear One to "column four" of their comprehensive plant performance rating system, making it the worst performing nuclear power plant in the U.S. for that particular year.