Bishop Castle, Colorado

A three-story, hand made, medieval-style castle under construction since 1969. The castle is being built entirely by one man, Jim Bishop, who calls his structure "a poor man's Disneyland." It is built primarily of native stone gathered from the surrounding San Isabel National Forest, and features intricate iron work (Jim Bishop's regular line of business). The castle's spire is 160 feet tall, and the public is allowed to wander all the way up to the top, through a network of spiral staircases and open iron platforms, if they dare. Inside the main part of the castle are rooms, hallways, and staircases, and a grand hall with wooden floors and stained glass. At the cornice of the peaked roof on the front of the castle is a dragon's head that spits propane flames. Jim Bishop hopes to complete the castle in his lifetime, though he battles constantly with local officials who claim that his project has been built illegally and is unsafe. Jim, who can usually be found working on the castle, has become a crusader for individual freedom, often declaring "this castle is under siege!"