Columbia Generating Station (Formerly WPPSS 2 Nuclear Power Plant), Washington

The sole survivor of the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) program's ambitious constrution plan of the 1970's, Columbia Generating Station (originally called WNP-2 i.e. Washington Public Power Supply System Nuclear Plant number 2) is the only commercial nuclear power plant in Washington. The 1,170 megawatt reactor, built by General Electric, went on line at Hanford in 1984 - seven years behind schedule, and $2 billion over budget. A report issued in 2013, found that it was the expensive nuclear power plant of its kind currently in operation in the U.S., producing a megawatt hour for roughly 1.5 times more than what more efficient nuclear power plants spend. Four other reactors in the proposed system were only partially built, including units 1 and 4, nearby on the Hanford Reservation, and 3 and 5 at Satsop, in western Washington.