Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, California

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant is located in Avila Beach, CA, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, from which it draws its cooling water. It is home to two pressurized water reactors, and is owned and operated by Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Unit 1 has an output capacity of 1,084MW, while Unit 2 has an output capacity of 1,106MW. Unit 1's operating license was issued in 1984, while Unit 2's operating license was issued in 1985. Long plagued by controversy due to its location along a particularly scenic stretch of coastline, as well as its proximity to multiple known earthquake faults, it is currently the only functioning nuclear power plant in California. In 2016, PG&E announced its intention to close the plant by 2025, due in large part to changes in California's energy marketplace, which have rendered electricity produced by nuclear power noncompetitive with various renewable sources. Also to be found on-site is an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI), where spent nuclear fuel rods and other radioactive materials are stored in aboveground dry casks, in this particular case, 310 feet above sea level.