Eagle Mountain Mine, California

A shut-down Kaiser iron mine that once provided ore to Kaiser's Fontana steel works. This suburban-looking development with over 100 houses built to house mine workers and their families is virtually abandoned, making Eagle Mountain one of the more recently formed ghost towns. A portion of the site was home to a privately-run minimum security prison in what had once been a shopping mall until its closure in 2003, in the wake of a prison riot which left two inmates dead and dozens more injured. The mine ruins are a frequent post-apocalyptic filming location. Starting in the late 1980's, Eagle Mountain was one of three sites being considered for a megafill landfill site for Los Angeles (the others were what was to become the Mesquite Regional Landfill, near Glamis, and Bristol Dry Lake, near Amboy), until 2015, when a United States District Court ruled that all of its 2,846 acres as well as some additional railroad properties be returned to the public, effectively quashing any plans for further development.