Hawes Auxiliary Field Tower Site, California

Hawes Auxiliary Field is a former World War II training field that became a communications facility, then a rave site, and is now mostly flat land. From the 1960's to the 1980's the site was part of the military's SLFCS and GWEN emergency communication networks, used for low frequency communications by the Strategic Air Command. Equipment included a 1,226 foot tall tower, and a two level underground bunker full of power and communications equipment. When the tower was torn down in the mid 1980's, the lower half of the tower fell sideways and the top half of the tower collapsed onto the bunker. Until recently, portions of the top half of the tower could be seen protruding from the roof of the bunker. The tower and the equipment were scrapped, and the underground bunker was left open and exposed to scavengers. It became a party spot, covered in graffiti, until 2008, when two local teenagers were murdered after attending a party there. The Air Force and the BLM demolished the remains, and filled in the underground parts.