Johnie's Coffee Shop, California

One of the most visible of the classic diners in Los Angeles is Johnie's Coffee Shop, located in the heart of the Miracle Mile corridor of Wilshire Boulevard. Johnie's was built by the Googie architecture firm of Armet and Davis in 1955. It ceased serving food in late 2000, and the current owners have no plans to use it as a restaurant, intending instead to continue to rent it exclusively as a restaurant film location. The restaurant was featured prominently in the 1988 film Miracle Mile, most of which was filmed on this same stretch of Wilshire (known as the Miracle Mile). In the film, the lead character spends a lot of time in Johnie's and takes a phone call at a pay phone outside that indicates that a nuclear armageddon is 75 minutes away. The phone booth and the spinning clock sign, which effectively counts the minutes to the destruction of Los Angeles, were props. Johnie's has been used in many television shows, music videos, and ads. It also appears briefly in another film about cataclysm and Los Angeles, the 1997 film Volcano, where a barricade was constructed across Wilshire Boulevard to keep the molten lava from flowing westward (as a result, Johnie's is spared, though across the street, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Petersen's Automotive Museum are destroyed in the film).  In 2013, the Los Angeles City Council declared Johnie's a Historic-Cultural Monument.