Fall / Winter 1997

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Fall / Winter 1997
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September 2, 1997
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A bleached and fractured world surrounds the artist. To organize this mess of corrosion into patterns, grids, and subdivisions is an esthetic process that has scarcely been touched.  -Robert Smithson

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Recent field research in the northern Rocky Mountain states and the Midwest are the source of the site reports in this issue of The Lay of the Land. Also in this issue is news about developments at The Center’s Wendover complex, in Utah, and at the main office in Los Angeles. As always, we invite readers to send in Field Reports and comments. Information on how to obtain a research packet for sites in your area is available at our web site, or by mail if you contact the main office. 1998 promises to be an eventful year at The Center, with research continuing, and several exhibits scheduled for our new public display space, due to a generous installation grant from the Lannan Foundation.

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