Spring 1998

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Spring 1998
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April 2, 1998
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In the age of the satellite, when the planet itself becomes enclosed in a new man-made environment, it is natural to consider even the earth itself as an art form.  -Marshall McLuhan

About This Issue:
Field researchers have recently returned from the Four Corners part of the Southwest, and write-ups for two spectacular, industrial locations are included in this issue. As always, we encourage readers to submit material for the newsletter.

We have been busy making publications, some related to exhibits held at our new exhibition space in Los Angeles, and some the product of regional research programs. See the expanded “CLUI Shop” page in this newsletter to see the titles. We also welcome the addition of the Photo Spot book to our inventory of CLUI publications, kindly published by the Hemingway Western Studies Center.

A card was recently sent to those of you on our mailing list who hadn’t subscribed by donating a minimum of $25 per year. To those who responded by sending in a check: Thank you! This newsletter costs money to produce and distribute, and you readers make it possible.

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