Summer 1998

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Summer 1998
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July 2, 1998
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“The investigation of a specific site is a matter of exacting concepts out of existing sense-data through direct perceptions...One does not impose, but rather expose the site... The unknown areas of sites can best be explored by artists.” -Robert Smithson, as quoted in Lure of the Local, by Lucy Lippard

Note from the Home Office:
This summer has been a time of basking in the air conditioning of our Los Angeles office, where weʼve been working with our mapping software, writing grants, and doing research for upcoming exhibits. Field reports in this issue reflect trips made by some of the California-based members of CLUI, such as to Louisiana, Arizona, and Utah. Upcoming exhibits at CLUI, Los Angeles include Subterranean Renovations, an installation celebrating the unique world of show caves (a suitable subject by which to cool off from what some are calling the “hottest Summer on record”!), which opens in October, and an exhibit examining the largest restricted groundspace in the United States, a 4,700 square-mile landscape in Nevada called the Nellis Range Complex. This exhibit will open in December. Both of these programs will have CLUI publications associated with them. Thanks for your continued interest in The Center, and thanks to the hundreds of you who support us with donations and purchases of our publications! A note about our web site: We've switched servers, and now are hosted through the kindness of Jon Hartzog of, so note the new address: We still have a few bugs to work on, and weʼll be doing a major re-do of the site in the future, so hold-on.

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