Winter 2000

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Winter 2000
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February 15, 2000
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Modern industries are handling the forces of nature on a stupendous scale...Woe to the people who trust those powers to the hands of fools.” - John Wesley Powell

The Perceptual Arena of the American Landscape, CLUI exhibition at the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, Holland: February 26 to April 15, 2000. This exhibition of over 50 photographs from the CLUI archive examines the roles that interpretation plays with the creation and perception of places.
Due to the impending expansion of the CLUI Los Angeles facility, we will be suspending our planned exhibition schedule until the summer of 2000. Our library, photo archive, and other research resources are available by appointment during this period, and we look forward to better serving the public after renovations are complete this summer.
Earthworks and Entropy exhibition at the CLUI, Los Angeles: rescheduled for July, 2000
A contemporary photographic display about earthworks, art made by the shaping of earthen material. The exhibit explores the interaction of these works with their cultural and physical contexts, and the sculpting forces of erosion, which adds another quality to their morphology. Lectures and presentations will be part of the exhibit, including a presentation by Smithson scholar Hikmet Loe, who has unearthed some interesting new material about the building of the Spiral Jetty.

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