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Desert Research Station Report

Winter 2003
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559 Fence installation work party at the DRS. CLUI photo

560 New support unit being delivered to the Desert Research Station from the Center's Desert Logistics Yard in Boron. CLUI photo

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Richard Pell



Artist and filmmaker Richard Pell has made several visits to Wendover to work on a GPS tour vehicle called the Autotour, made in collaboration with Igor Vamos, Ryan McKinley, and Jamie Shulte. The Autotour is a modified Ford sedan that describes the region through GPS-cued videos, images, and a voice-over narration.

Independent Interpreters Walk the Line

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Series of Presentations About the U.S. Border Continues
Winter 2011
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215 Border monument number 184, photographed by David Taylor

THE CENTER'S INDEPENDENT INTERPRETER PROGRAM continued in 2010, following a display of Cindy Hooper’s video work with two more programs about the US/Mexico border.

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