Books, Noted

The Evolving Landscape: Homer Aschmann's Geography
Edited by Martin J, Pasqualetti, 1997
An anthology of the writings of Homer Aschmann, a prescient geographer of the "anthropic landscape," and author of such landmark essays as "Natural History of a Mine," "The Head of the Colorado Delta" and "Purpose in the Southern California Landscape."

Niagara: A History of the Falls
Pierre Burton, 1992
Perceived alternately as a scenic wonder and a massive power source, Niagara Falls has an especially colorful history, and has attracted a wide variety of visionary schemers, such as King Gillette, whose utopian megacity Metropolis, to be built at the falls, was to make the great cities of the world "look like the work of ignorant savages in comparison." Burton's book aptly describes many of these wonders.

Shot on This Site: A Traveler's Guide to the Places and Locations Used to Film Famous Movies and Television Shows
William A. Gordon, 1995
A book of film location sites across the country, organized by state, it is a sort of scattered selection of some of the more popular movies of the past, and of the locations that are easily accessible.

In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space
Douglas Curran, 1985
A personal and perceptive survey of individuals and organizations interested in alien contact and outer space, based on the authors travels across the USA and Canada over six or so years. Includes many nice color photos of "vernacular spaceship sculptures."

Discovering the Vernacular Landscape
John Brinckerhoff Jackson, 1984
This book is one of the best collections of essay by J.B. Jackson, one of the fathers of modern academic landscape interpretation. Includes the essays "The Movable Dwelling and How It Came To America," and "Landscape as Seen by the Military."

The Last Great Necessity: Cemeteries in American History
David Charles Sloane, 1991
A good account of the evolution of cemeteries in this country, from their early forms as small churchyard plots to the massive commercial memorial parks we see today.