Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market

2909 CLUI photo.

Nicknamed “the world’s largest fridge,” this entire 686,000 square foot food distribution hub is kept at or below 50 degrees F throughout, from its 224 sealed dock doors to its quarter-mile long sales floor. Inside, 26 individual wholesalers, who sell a variety of fresh produce to supermarkets, restaurants, and mom-and-pop stores within a 500-mile radius, can adjust the temperature within their own storage areas from 32 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, to suit the handling requirements of different fruits and vegetables. When it opened in June 2011, the terminal market’s 2,800-ton Freon cooling system became the largest central refrigeration system in the United States. Situated only twenty-six miles from the Port of Wilmington, the number one port for fresh fruit in the nation, PWPM’s board hopes that its expanded footprint and state-of-the-art refrigeration system will allow it to overtake its nearest rival, the Hunts Point Produce Market in New York, to become the largest produce wholesale market in the United States.

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