Meadowlands Commission Headquarters

2460 CLUI photo.For over a hundred years dumping took place all over the Meadowlands, in part to fill them in so they could be built on, but also as the expansive urban area needed a place to put its wastes. The Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission was established in 1969 to control the filling of the swamps and to deal with the unsanctioned landfills, some of which were visibly smouldering along the New Jersey Turnpike. Now called the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, it is a regulatory agency that controls environmental projects, landfill closure, and redevelopment over 30.4 square miles. The headquarters of the Meadowlands Commission is at the end of Valley Brook Avenue, where the street name changes to Disposal Road. The main building has administrative offices for the Commission, as well as some displays and a gift shop. The garbage museum on display here in the early 1990s has been replaced by an educational center about natural science and ecology.

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