The Great Salt Lake Exploration Platform

4713 CLUI photo.

The Great Salt Lake Exploration Platform (GSLEP) is a floating habitat and workspace that enables extended stays on the watery fringes in remote parts of the lake. It was designed and fabricated in 2014–2015 by architects Chris Taylor (Land Arts and the American West, Lubbock) and Steve Badgett (Simparch, Chicago). It is intended to support a team of up to 5 people, including a two person crew, for several days, and employs solar panels to provide energy for its systems, which include an electric motor that enables it to be repositioned along the lake shore.

Though originally designed for use along the shores of the Great Salt Lake, GSLEP can be assembled or disassembled by a minumum of two people, enabling it to be carried overland in pieces, and deployed on any body of water without boat ramps or other easy water/land interface.