Major Flood Control Structures at the Outer Limits of Las Vegas

These large-scale structures at the outer limits of the city are the first line of defense against flash floods, which can come from almost any direction, out of the hills and canyons surrounding Las Vegas.  Ideally, in a flood event, debris is contained in these outer basins, and water is funneled into concrete channels and flows through the city.  The network converges on Las Vegas Wash, which drains into Lake Mead.


East C-1 Detention Basin F-3 Detention Basin Upper Duck Creek Detention Basin Red Rock Detention Basin North Las Vegas Detention Basin Upper Las Vegas Detention Basin R-4 Detention Basin Upper Las Vegas Wash Diversion Structure Headworks Detention Basin F-4 Debris Basin F-1 Debris Basin Detention Basin #5 Duck Creek Warbonnet Channel Gowan Lone Mountain Drain Upper Blue Diamond Detention Basin Black Mountain Detention Basin Pittman Anthem Detention Basin Mission Hills Detention Basin Anne Road Detention Basin Kyle Canyon Detention Basin Image Map

This flood control system map shows the channels and basins constructed over the past three decades, and the proposed extensions further into the fringes. The master plan for this network currently calls for a total of more than 800 miles of channel and 121 detention basins to be constructed, at a cost of more than $2 billion. This plan is more than 80% complete; however, modifications and additions are likely, as the city continues to expand.