Merle Porter Postcard Box Set
6132 Sample assortment shown
A box set of 50 postcards made by Merle Porter (1907-1988), depicting 50 places in California. Merle Porter, the "Postcard King of the West," was a one-man postcard production company producing and distributing millions of cards over a 50-year career. Nearly always about places, his cards have a distinctive style, sometimes depicting famous sites, but more often a sort of celebration of the ordinary landscape: highways, small town streets, abandoned buildings, and oil fields.  
Each postcard features an image of a place in California, as captured by Porter with his 4x5 Speed Graphic camera, with Porter's descriptive caption on the back.
Postcards will be selected by the CLUI.
full-color front, 3.5” x 5.5”