Zooming in on American Target Ranges
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There are all kinds of targets out there across the American land. They are square, triangular, rectangular, circular, and linear. Some are in the shapes of other things, like airbases, villages, convoys, industrial areas, surface-to-air missile sites. Old airplanes, trucks, tanks, cars, buses, boats, tires, mounds of earth, and empty shipping containers are used.  Some targets are meant to be physically bombed or strafed, others electronically.

The most focused type of target, the classic target you might say, is circular, like a bullseye. It’s simple geometric embrace of space defines a periphery, and center. Though largely two-dimensional when seen from above, shown as a gallery they have an cosmological air, whether a planetary hard mass pulled in by gravity, or a solar gas in a sustained continuous explosion. The tension between being drawn inwards toward the ground and exploding outwards is in equilibrium. Some people say that these days everything is a target. These, however, undoubtedly are, and they are out there for the world to see, on internet-based satellite imagery providers, like Google Earth.