Programs & Projects
The Center is engaged in research, exhibitions, and other programming on a continuous basis. These projects are thematically or regionally focused, or a combination of both. All programming is about the built landscape as a reflection of the culture and economy of the United States of America.
Thematic programs draw from sites organized by our land use classification system, whose primary categories are: Agriculture, Commerce, Communication/Information, Conveyance, Culture, Delineation, Energy, Excavation, Habitation, Industry, Preparedness, Recreation, Water, and Waste/Residue. For our organizational and filing purposes, all forms of land use fit into one of these categories, but of course sites often contain elements of several land use types, and can be described in many ways. Regional programs work within a geographically defined area, such as a city, county, roadway, boundary, or shoreline, and generally characterize this area through a survey and selection of land use sites within the region.
All CLUI programs and projects are conceived, developed, and produced by the Center’s program managers independently, and are not commercially commissioned. They are presented to the public in CLUI exhibition locations, universities, museums, non-commercial display venues, publications, and online.
Explore some of our previous public programs and projects: