Cargill Schuyler Meatpacking Plant, Nebraska

Cargill operates a beef packing house west of Schuyler, Nebraska, that employs 2,000 people, slaughtering around 4,800 cows a day, producing 2.7 million pounds of meat (“fabrication and offal products”) per day, along with one million pounds of rendering products and 300,000 pound of hides. The 850,000 square foot plant opened in 1968. Its production and size is similar to most of the eight beef packing plants operated in the USA by Cargill, and the few dozen other major beef backing facilities operated by other companies in the USA. Cargill, one of the nation’s largest privately-held companies, is the nation’s second largest beef producer, and a major food products company. It’s Meat Solutions division processes more than 7.6 million head of cattle per year and around 12.7 million pigs.