Jim's Corner, Minnesota

Jim’s Corner is an Outlying Area Reporting Station (OARS) for reporting in and out with Customs and Immigration, while traveling to or from the US/Canada border anomaly in Minnesota known as the Northwest Angle - cut off from the rest of the USA by land. The OARS at Jim’s Corner is a parking lot and a booth that has two similar call boxes (one outside and one inside) with videophones, shared by the US and Canadian border authorities, though attributed to US Customs and Border Protection (CPB). Inside the box are two buttons, one for calling the US to check in on arrival, and one for calling Canada to check out on departure. There is a camera inside too, which presumably they use to look at you, though you cannot see them. Once you have answered the usual questions on the videophone (name, nationality, place of birth, why you are there) and they confirm that they have verified your vehicle visually using cameras mounted on poles outside, you are asked to wait for them to hang up first, officially completing the call. Then you are good to go, so long as you return here on your way out.