Pinecreek/Piney Border Crossing, Minnesota

The Pinecreek/Piney Crossing, on Highway 89, is the least busy border crossing in Minnesota, averaging less than 25 cars a day. It also has an airport with a runway that crosses the border, which is not very busy either. Pilots landing here from the USA park at the ramp on the Canadian side, and call for an officer from the Canadian Port of Entry, next to the road, to come meet their plane. Landing from Canada, they park at the ramp on the US side, and do the same. Though it is operated by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the northern end of the runway extends into Canada. This was done as it could not be extended southward without having to cross a road. This is the only paved runway that crosses the International Boundary. Though it is one of six airports that straddle the line, the others are grass landing strips, or just have ramps that extend over the boundary.