Rye Canyon Business Park, California

The Rye Canyon Business Park is located in a cul-de-sac against the hills at the northern edge of the sprawl of the Santa Clarita Valley for a good reason: it was built by the Lockheed Corporation for classified military work associated with the Stealth Fighter program. Vacated by Lockheed in the early 1990s, the office park has been redeveloped and reoccupied, though many of the unique buildings from the Skunkworks days of Lockheed remain, such as an anechoic chamber building, and a futuristic office building originally a "quiet building" designed to be impenetrable to external surveillance. After Lockheed, the site was used frequently as a film and television location, frequently playing a shadowy tech corporation location, with some location scouts observing that it looks more like Silicon Valley than anywhere else in Los Angeles. The California Institute of the Arts, located nearby, temporarily operated out of this office park after the Northridge earthquake.