CLUI Opens Interpretative Site in Desert
Desert Research Station in Hinkley, CA

1188 The Desert Research Station opened to the public in November, 2000, and is currently open to visitors during the weekends. CLUI photo
THE DESERT RESEARCH STATION, IN the desert near Barstow, California, was once a thriving educational nature station for biologists and local school groups. In recent years, however, it was abandoned and vandalized. Earlier this year, the CLUI adopted the DRS, and began a renovation of the facility. In November, 2000, the CLUI opened the doors of the DRS to the public once again.

Drawn from the research that the CLUI has been engaged in for years, an informative display about the California desert area is installed in the DRS. In addition, books, brochures and maps of the region are available at the DRS, making it a good point-of-origin to explore and examine the desert region. Visitors are welcome to browse, view videotapes about sites in the desert, talk with informed staff, or just relax in the cool dark interior. Outside, on the grounds of the DRS, relics of the site’s history as a scientific research facility are visible all over the grounds, from an artificial pond, to an active air sampling device. Remnants of a self-guided walking tour make for a fun and easy to follow interpretive enigma.

During this winter season, the DRS is staffed during regular hours, Friday through Sunday 11 - 4, until mid-February. The CLUI will lead two tours to the DRS and environs, on January 13, 2001 and February 3, 2001. To make a reservation for the tour, call the Museum of Contemporary Art at (213) 621-1767. The CLUI would like to thank MoCA for their assistance and support in making the DRS a reality.

1189 View of the interior of the DRS, which will serve as an educational venue for years to come. CLUI photo
To get to the DRS from the Los Angeles area, take I-10 east to I-15 north. Take the Highway 58 west exit, just before Barstow. After several miles on Highway 58 turn north on Hinkley Road, indicated by a sign saying "Hinkley 1 mile". After four miles, look for the DRS on the right.