The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Wendover Update


1126Interior of Residence Support Unit at CLUI Wendover, with a curved dividing wall and a roll-up door, mirrored on the inside- one of the many arresting architectural features created by the innovative art and design team Simparch, which transformed the bland, off-the-rack interior into a surprising, and comfortable space. CLUI photo

THE PAST YEAR AT THE CLUI interpretive complex at Wendover, Utah, has seen many improvements to the physical plant, as well as some truly innovative work by Residence Program participants. Recent residents included the architect/artists Simparch, who modified the new, self-contained Residence Support Unit, a 700 square-foot manufactured office trailer installed on the old airbase flightline last Summer. Writer/researchers Mark Sundeen and Erik Bluhm also spent some time in Wendover, putting together a book about the region, which will be published later this year. In addition to exhibits by artists in the exhibit rooms, such as Tim Nohe's samples installation and sound environment, a semipermanent display of "Sites of Interest" in the Salt Lake Desert region was installed in the Exhibit Hall, which serves as the first level of visitor interaction at CLUI Wendover. Visitors wishing to stop by CLUI Wendover can go to the CLUI web site Wendover page or by contacting the Center.