Books, Noted
A sampling of books new to the shelves of The Center's library

Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles
David Darlington, 1997
The author relates his encounters with Area 51 characters, from politically minded anti-secrecy advocates, to the the many UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists and the folklorists that follow them. An intimate account of the culture of scepticism and intrigue which thrives on this fringe area of AmericaÕs interior.

Self-Made Worlds: Visionary Folk Art Environments
Roger Manley and Mark Sloan, 1997
Large-format color photo book of Òfolk land artÓ sites, with concise, unobtrusive prose descriptions. Some new ones in here, as well as some interesting images of the better known sites. An Aperture Foundation publication.

On Location in Lone Pine
Dave Holland, 1990
An interesting look at the landscape near Lone Pine, California, which was a popular location for shooting Western movies. The author includes stills from numerous films, where recognizable physiogeographic features are prominent and, using maps, precisely locates famous moments in many classic films.

World War II Sites in the United States: A Tour Guide and Directory
Richard E. Osborne, 1996
An invaluable resource, especially as many of the sites are still in use or have found interesting new uses since. A state by state and nearly complete listing, with descriptions and the occasional historic or contemporary photo.

Field Guide to Mysterious Places of the Pacific Coast
Salvatore Trento, 1997
An interesting volume indeed. Lots of petroglyphs in caves, as well as more unusual "paranormal" sites. Well organized and good synopses of the sites.

Aircraft Wrecks in the Mountains and Deserts of California
Gary P. Macha, 1997
A wonderful resource, listing more than 1,400 military and civilian crash sites in the state. With the intention of preserving the integrity of the sites (as many have remains still strewn around), the specific directions are given to only a few examples. Otherwise, the type of aircraft, general location, and current status of site is listed in the book, if it is known. Also included is a "Historical Aircraft Crash Site Report Form," which the reader is encouraged to use in the field.

The Artificial River
Carol Sheriff, 1996
An interesting historical account of the construction of the Erie Canal (1817-1825) and the effects that the subsequent compression of time and space had on the social and political environment around it.

Irons in the Fire
John McPhee, 1997
John McPhee is at it again with this collection of recent essays. A couple of good ones here, especially the essay about the largest pile of tires in the world.

The Whole Earth Millennium Catalog
Edited by Howard Rheingold, 1994
In many ways this "guide to guides" is as remarkable today as when it was first released thirty years ago - a large-format collection of book and product reviews covering a seemingly endless range of subjects, which collectively delineate some kind of "correct living" formula. The Millennium version is updated, with less about windmills and more about satellite surveillance and virtual resources.