Wendover Residence Program

1211 The newly renovated Wendover Studio Building, with Streamline travel trailer. CLUI photo

A FORMER ADMINISTRATION BUILDING AT the abandoned Wendover Airbase has been converted into a studio building to support CLUI activities in the Wendover, Utah area. The two thousand square-foot building is located at the end of the flightline at Wendover Airport, across from the empty hangar that once housed the Enola Gay bomber. The CLUIÕs Exhibit Hall is also just a few hundred yards away.

The structure required extensive repairs, including a new roof and plumbing, work which was performed over the summer, in time for the first group of artists participating in the Wendover Residence Program. The studio now has a workshop, bathroom and shower. Additional kitchen and sleeping facilities are housed in a vintage Streamline travel trailer adjacent to the building.


"How to describe the Utah experience . . . I guess a lot of the experience was about vastness, but perhaps not the beautiful type. Not immediately anyway . . . I kept finding myself really far out in these wastelands and then suddenly being reminded of my own precarious situation . . ." - John Reed, artist-in-residence at Wendover, pictured above on the salt flats, pondering the curvature of the Earth.

JOHN REED AND JENNIFER ODEM were the first residents to participate in the Wendover Residence Program, and we were grateful to have them there to work out the bugs in the system. In addition to working on art projects, John plumbed the bathroom and helped repair the roof of the building. Both John (a sculptor from San Diego) and Jennifer (an English sculptor living in Texas) will return in the Spring to install the sculptures they designed during their four week stay at the site last Summer. John also expects to show a series of stereoscopic images in the exhibit hall next year.

A few other residents have been selected, though most of the next group, to fill the Spring and Summer 1998 period, will be selected this winter. (If you are interested in applying to the Wendover Residence Program, get your application in as soon as possible.)