The Wendover Residency
A Call for Proposals NEA Supported Program at the Wendover Exhibit Hall

1213 The Wendover Exhibit Hall. CLUI photo

THE CENTER IS ESTABLISHING A paid residence program at The Center's Wendover Exhibit Site, located in the desert town of Wendover, Utah. The program, supported by a major grant awarded to the CLUI by the National Endowment for the Arts, will enable artists to live at the Wendover site, and produce work related to the unique and inspiring geographic region, which includes the Great Salt Lake and its desert and salt-flat environs.

The Center opened the Wendover Exhibit Hall to the public in June, 1996, as a showcase for art and other forms of research related to land use in the region. The current exhibit Around Wendover: An Examination of the Anthropic Landscape Through Maps and Photographs has been extended and updated to run through the 1997 summer season.

During the course of the residency, participants are asked to produce work that explores specific themes related to the area, work which will then be exhibited at the Wendover Exhibit Hall. Artists and other investigators interested in the landscape of the Southwest who would like to apply for the residency should write The Center for complete program and application information.