Donation of GIS Software
Enables CLUI to Expand Internet Resources and Develop In-House Mapping

ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE INCORPORATED (ESRI) has generously donated sophisticated geographic information system (GIS) software that will enable The Center to expand internet resources, and develop an in-house mapping capability.

With this software we will be able to construct a cartographic interface for the Land Use Database, so that users can search for sites on detailed maps, as well as by keyword, category, and state, as is currently possible. These maps will be able to render on the screen, or be printed out, at different scales, with the database sites represented as symbols on the maps. Users will be able to zoom in and out, from national to street level, as they so desire, as was envisioned when the on-line database was conceived.

Additionally, the GIS software will help The Center in organizing all of its site data in a spatial, cartographic manner, and allow for the production of useful, detailed maps for specific purposes. "These ESRI programs are the industry standard, the ones that universities and governments use," said the newly appointed CLUI Cartography Department head, Chris Kahle, who helped develop the proposal to ESRI. "Now we just need to figure out how it works . . ."