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Unusual Real Estate Listing # 2465


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THE 77 YEAR OLD OWNER of the Angel’s Ladies Brothel is retiring, and is listing his property as follows: 

The following are all for sale as part of this package:
-The brothel, which has been operating for decades in the same location.
-48 to 72 acres of land with 452 feet of highway frontage.
-Water rights, which in the desert can be as precious as gold.
-A 66,000 gallon, 84-degree hot mineral water swimming pool, secluded in trees.
-Complete privacy. A place for relaxation and pleasure, in the nude or with clothing—your choice. For truck drivers and people in today’s stressed society.
-A small orchard and a vegetable garden started back in the early 1900s by an old farmer who grew vegetables for miners. The present owner has grown all kinds of vegetables, including watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydew melons, squashes, peppers, potatoes, carrots, onions, corn and tomatoes.

Other listed features include:
Clear, blue skies, surrounded by rolling hills, no traffic jams, lots of fresh clean air. There is pasture land with a stream running through it, for horses that some of our Ladies have stabled here. Very few neighbors, except for across the highway and surrounding us is all BLM government land and a few miles over the hills is Death Valley National Park. Wild burros have access to all the open range in this area, at night the burros come down from the hills and they can get very vocal as they wander around the buildings, but they are harmless.

The brothel has a graded dirt runway, and a crashed Beechcraft airplane sits at the entrance as a landmark on Highway 95.

The package price for 48 acres, the water rights, and the brothel is $1,800,000 on terms, or $2.500,000 for all 72 acres. Considerably less if paying cash. ♦