The Desert Research Station
Report From the Center's Mojave Outpost

Creative research into land use, science, culture, and interpretation in the high desert fringe of California’s southland continues at the CLUI research site north of the small community of Hinkley, near Barstow.

304 AMONG THE VARIED PERIODIC USES of the Desert Research Station (DRS) is supporting biological studies related to the region. This year, researchers from the University of Utah’s Dearing Lab used the DRS as a base to conduct research into species of animals that carry the Hantavirus. Hantavirus is carried by deer mice, wood rats, and other small desert rodents, and is a perennial problem in desert environments, especially those dramatically effected by human use. The researchers from the lab study the movements and behavior of woodrats (also called packrats), in the region by trapping, tagging, and dusting them in a harmless fluorescent talcum powder. Glowing rodents: another unique occurrence for the DRS!