Monuments of Displacement on View in Germany

AN INSTALLATION OF BILL DUBOIS'S remarkable images of open pit mines in Nevada is currently on display in Aachen, Germany, at the mining and geology building of the region's technical institute. The CLUI was invited to contribute to an exhibit being organized by the NAK, a contemporary art organization which was collaborating with the Rheinisch-Westfalische Technische Hochschule (the Rhine-Westfalia Technical School) to create new environments within the existing spaces of the sprawling, urban, academic campus. The installation of Bill DuBois images (which were shown at the CLUI, Los Angeles in 1999 as the Monuments of Displacement show) interacts with the existing, and somewhat dated displays throughout the balcony hallways in the four-story Mining and Mineralogy building. The existing displays consist mostly of models and dioramas that dipict mining processes and techniques. The DuBois images show actual places where mining has taken place, something that the faded posters that were on the walls of the classroom and lab-filled building lacked.