Boron: The Element of Place
New CLUI Outpost in the Hinterland

1147 60-foot Exhibition Unit being prepped for its trip to a new CLUI Site under development in Boron, California.
 CLUI photo

A NEW SITE IN THE CLUI network is under development in Boron, California. A staging and logistic yard has been leased by the CLUI on the western edge of the town, to support activities in the Antelope Valley and the High Desert at large.

A new building was recently deployed to the site to serve as an office and occasional exhibition facility for the area, a region rich in unusual sites, and often addressed in CLUI programming, including the Route 58 guidebook, as well as regional tours and field trips.

The town of Boron sits between the Lehman Ridge rocket test site, which looms above the town, on the north edge of Edwards Air Force Base, and the largest open pit mine in California, the Borate mine from which Boron gets its name.

Down the road, east on Highway 58, the largest solar array in the world sits next to a Federal prison, across from a bombing range. In the other direction, west of Boron, are many superfund sites, aircraft test sites and storage yards, and more prisons.

"And that's just for starters," says CLUI program coordinator Erik Knutzen, "we're really looking forward to the extrusion of more interpretive layers from this rich and varied terrain."

1149 It's the Cheese indeed:
 The CLUI lot in Boron.
 CLUI photo