Desert Research Station Report

559 Fence installation work party at the DRS. CLUI photo

560 New support unit being delivered to the Desert Research Station from the Center's Desert Logistics Yard in Boron. CLUI photo

561 Moisture 2 construction at the Harper Lake Northwest location in the Mojave (bottom). Moisture 2 photo.THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CENTER'S Desert Research Station in the California desert west of Barstow continues, with the addition of a new office and residential structure to support researchers working on site. A volunteer work party assembled at the DRS earlier this year to install fencing, and to prepare the site for the office building. Research on how to reuse the pond has also been completed.

The Center acquired some land on the northwest end of the valley, in order to support the Moisture research program and to perform other field studies. The Moisture group has been busy through much of November and December, constructing location-sensitive structures for the collection, retention, and use/reuse of water and conducting experiments with the creation of micro-climates. The current phase of the program involves the design and construction of functional sculptural objects, installed in relation to the ground, and the hydrologic cycle of the region. More information on their project can be found at