The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Winter 2011, #34

Interpretation is a seed, not a tree. - from the Interpretive Development Program, National Park Service

Editor's Note: On the Horizon
Welcome to issue #34 of the annual report of the CLUI. You will notice a nice wide geographic spread of articles in it, from Vermont, to Florida, to California, and the Center of the USA in Kansas, as well as our usual reports from our field offices in Texas, New Mexico, Utah, and the Mojave Desert. We are also looking up, into space, through its terrestrial equivalents such as rocket launch sites, as we perceive a continued need to appreciate and understand the constellation of orbiting assets that make the information age possible. There are changes coming as space access continues its privatization.

Also, two recent significant events affecting the legacy of the CLUI are discussed here: the establishment of the Morgan Cowles Archive to manage and maintain our image resources, and the acquisition of the archives of our Wendover Residence Program by the Center for Art+Environment in Reno. Meanwhile, our search for a bunker of our own continues.

Visitors to the exhibit hall in Los Angeles will see a change made in the new year. The space has become a bit of a lobby lounge, as well as bookshop and visitor center. We have made it more comfortable and accommodating to visitors—you can sit on padded furniture and watch our current programs and projects flash by on a multi-screen media wall display. Stop by during our open hours if you are in town, and see what’s up on this changing digital display.

On the horizon for the coming year are exhibits about the New Jersey Meadowlands in the summer of 2011, and exhibits on surveying, waterfalls, underground space, scrap metal—and more on Florida, a place where people end up. We will be endeavoring to keep our online existence more up-to-date, so you should see some changes on that front too. And so we go, down the road of time and place together. And, as always, thank you for being there!
- Lay of the Land Editors