The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Albuquerque Exhibit Unit



THE CENTER'S SOUTHWEST EXHIBIT SPACE in Albuquerque hosted an exhibit about the history of water management in the region, curated by Chesney Floyd and Jesse Vogler, architects and writers based in Albuquerque. Opened in August, the display was  called Acequia Space: Water Democracy in the Middle Rio Grande. The project focuses on the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District as an example of the large scale, scientific administration of water resources in the west.

Established in 1925, the creation of the district transformed the hydrology of the Rio Grande, the lives of its irrigators, and the water culture of New Mexico. It continues to define the relationship of people in the valley to their environment today.

Production is underway for another exhibit in the space, working again with students at Albuquerque Academy. ♦