The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Low Altitude Aerial Expo 2012

Cris Benton’s kite: the tail helps to stabilize the kite.
Cris Benton explaining his Picavet Cross camera suspension system.
Cris Benton’s full frame digital SLR kite rig.
Mathew Lippincott shows his kite cam rig.
Ben Loescher with a fully extended Wonderpole.
Sohrab Mohebbi, Helki Frantzen, and Jen Hofer experiment with a throwable camera.
Mathew Lippincott's warm air balloon heats up ambient air due to dark plastic and iron oxide dusting on outside.
Aurora Tang with the tried and true helium weather balloons.
Different off-the-rack helium blimp camera platforms were tried, with boosters to augment their lifting capacity.
Eric Potter at a crash site of a small RC helicopter test.
Aaron Kraft of AirKraft Productions preparing his hexacopter for CLUI demo flight.
Oliver Hess and Kate Moxham performing rocket cam tests.