The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

CLUI Programming on the Road

3752The CLUI/Simparch boat screened movies at Pontchartrain Landing, at the edge of the Industrial Canal in New Orleans. The backdrop was the new Seabrook Floodgate structure, connecting Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River, through the Industrial Canal. It was the levees at the southern end of the canal that failed during Katrina, flooding the Lower Ninth Ward. CLUI photoIN ADDITION TO ITS OWN exhibitions, tours, and programming related events, the CLUI circulates its programs to other exhibition venues, domestically and overseas. This year, CLUI images and other programs were featured in exhibitions including at the Newlyn Art Gallery, in Penzance, UK; de Appel Arts Center, in Amsterdam; The Hart House at the University of Toronto; the Actual Size Gallery, Los Angeles; Utah Museum of Fine Arts; Utah Museum of Contemporary Art; and the Fairview Museum of History and Art, in Fairview, Utah.

As part of DredgeFest, a unique symposium held in New Orleans in early 2014, the CLUI/Simparch vessel Tex Hex was brought out of its base in Morgan City to host a public screening on the water. As we have done in other places along the waterways of the Gulf, the audience sat on the shore, while the audio and video was presented to them from the boat. Films included the premier of The Fluid and the Solid, by Ben Mendelsohn and Alex Chohlas-Wood, a film about dredging, and Pare Lorentz’s classic film about the Mississippi River, The River (1938). Tex Hex has been based in Morgan City, Louisiana for 2014, supporting CLUI ongoing research into the Atchafalaya Floodway, the Intracoastal Waterway, and other lower Mississippi water issues. ♦