The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

CLUI Visitors and Visitations

WHILE MOST VISITORS TO CLUI do so through virtual means (through our website and publications), some people do visit us in the physical world as well, still. In addition to people coming through CLUI Wendover—a most “physical” place indeed—people come in a steady stream through CLUI Los Angeles, the organization’s main office on the edge of downtown Culver City, which has a visitor center and bookshop, and features a few exhibits produced by the CLUI every year. Outside of the regular public hours (Friday-Sunday, 12-5pm), classes, groups, and researchers from out of town make appointments to meet with our staff, or see exhibits.
Groups that stopped by in 2019 included graduate classes from UC Berkeley; University of Melbourne; UTS School of Architecture, Sydney; Kansas State; Texas Tech; and a group from MassMoCA. From the Los Angeles area, classes from Otis College of Art and Design, ArtCenter, Claremont College, CalArts, the Mountain School and the Southland Institute stopped by for talks. CLUI program managers were invited to speak at other places too, including Harvard University.  ♦