The Coast Realty Archive
A New Look at Old Los Angeles

5658 The Sturges House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright at 449 Skyewiay Road in Brentwood—for sale in 1963 for $55,000. Coast Realty Archive photo.

THE CLUI HAS ACQUIRED A collection of over 15,000 old real estate listings, from Coast Realty, a local realtor that closed shop several years ago. The listings date from the 1950s through the 1960s, and depict a Los Angeles of another time, booming with post-war development and possibility.

Whether commercial or residential, each listing has a photograph of the structure, taken from the street, creating a unique block by block photographic survey of the westside of Los Angeles, decades before Google Street View. Over the coming years, the Center will be sorting the archive, creating a finding aid, and digitizing the images to make them available for the public to view. ♦