The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Winter 2014, #37

Under our feet is the shared space of the earth, the common ground we collectively occupy, shape, and inhabit. This is where we begin the search for commonalities. -Damon Farrugut

Editor’s Note
At the CLUI, some programs are national in their scope and coverage, and some are local, but either way they are about America. Some are macrocosmic, and investigate a particular phenomena as it occurs across the country, such as two featured in this newsletter, about information space and cold space. These programs describe integrated, nation-wide systems that operate like a vascular network or a GIS layer. Local programs on the other hand look inward, microcosmically, examining details. These programs are conducted because they explore some issue or idea that we feel is important and can be extrapolated outward, as is the case in two other programs described in the newsletter, about electrical distribution, and provisional architecture and development in the Los Angeles region. There is no place like Los Angeles, after all–except just about everywhere else.