The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Visitors and Visitations

CLUI bookshop
The bookshop at the Center’s exhibit space and office in Los Angeles offers a collection of titles focused on the built landscape of the USA, that serves as a kind of exhibit of ideas, where visitors can take home whatever notions they want to pursue further. The shop also has postcards and items with the CLUI logo, such as t-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, notebooks, and mugs (a selection of which are available at our online store). CLUI photo

THE CENTER REOPENED ITS EXHIBIT space in Los Angeles to the public in May 2021 (after closing in March 2020 due to the pandemic) with an exhibit about Amazon’s delivery infrastructure (addressing what was a shared pandemic experience for many). Though current protocols still restrict the number of visitors allowed in the space at one time, and public access to the office, library, and staff areas is limited, we, like the rest of the world, look forward to resuming normal operations, whatever those end up being. 

CLUI staff continued to work remotely from home, for the most part, over the last year, including our summer intern Ann Basu, who was supported by the Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internship program. We all grew used to Zoom, like so many others. 

Public in-person talks by CLUI representatives were limited by pandemic restrictions, though lectures and class meetings, mostly online but some on-site, continued with various schools over 2021, including CalArts, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, CSU Bakersfield, Dartington Arts School, Parsons, RISD, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SCI-Arc, Scripps College, UNLV, University of Cologne, and USC. 

CLUI program manager Aurora Tang travelled to Europe in August 2021, to participate in a Berlin/Los Angeles architecture curatorial exchange associated with the Checkpoint Charlie Foundation, Floating University of Berlin, and the MAK Center for Art and Architecture of Los Angeles. 

CLUI media was included in several exhibitions over the last year, including in a traveling exhibit called Golden Hour: California Photography from LACMA, and in an exhibit called Oil: Beauty and Horror of the Petrol Age, at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Wolfsburg, Germany (home of Volkswagen, of course). ♦