The Center for Land Use Interpretation Newsletter

Winter 2022, #45

Interpretation has many twists and byways, facets and destinations. It winds through many disciplines. It’s a science based on accurate facts and comprehensive information, methodical and exacting in its application of techniques and solid research. It’s history, portraying both the famous and commonplace human drama, chronicling not just dates and numbers but emotions, ideas, and universal concepts. It’s art, rooted in passion and love for places, species, and artifacts, ever moving the visitor’s journey through memorable and meaningful experiences. - Cynthia Kryston, National Park Service

Editor’s Note

We present here, for you, some of the activities of the CLUI over the past year. As usual, we try to span the nation, in one way or another, from the dried lakes of the west to the wet lakes of the east; from the high peaks of the Empire State, to the logistical low lands around the port of Los Angeles. It’s all part of a quest to add more detail to a portrait of the USA. And though the portrait will never be finished—a perpetual work in progress, just like its subject—this quest is the continuous journey of the CLUI. We do what we can, with what we have. And we are grateful, dear reader, for all you have given us—of your time, mind, and other precious limited resources. Thanks for being there.