Points of Interest Around the Old Wendover Airfield

Called "Leftover Field" by Bob Hope when he visited with the USO in 1942, Wendover Airfield is now a large and largely unused former World War II airfield. Construction of the Wendover Airbase started in 1940, and by 1943 it was one of  the largest military reserves in the nation, in area. Around 17,500 military personnel, supported by 2,000 civilians, were based in more than 650 buildings, primarily to train B-17 and B-24 bomber crews, who practiced bombing Europe and Japan over 3.5 million acres of the surrounding desert.

Late in 1944 Wendover became the home of the training program for the first atomic bombing missions, later carried out on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The remains of the assembly and modification areas associated with this top-secret program can be seen in the distance, a mile south of the flightline of the Wendover Airport. The former office for Colonel Tibbets, the commander of the atomic bomb squadron, is now a public storage building.

By the 1950s the base's use was in steep decline, and the Air Force officially transferred the base to the Town of Wendover in 1977. In 1999, the town surrendered the base to Tooele County, which owns and manages the airport and the remaining 100 or so buildings. Wendover Airfield’s history blends with the present in many interesting ways, much of which can be seen by exploring it physically, there, and virtually, here.  

The CLUI in Wendover
CLUI Wendover Orientation Building
Nurses Quarters
Former Barracks Exhibit Building
CLUI Operations Support Buildings
Viewing Tower
Radio Tower
CLUI Wendover Test and Research Facilities

Other Points of Interest
Airport Fire Station
Airport Operations Building
Atomic Bomb Assembly Buildings Site
Bomb Loading Pit
Buzz Bomb Test Site
Celestial Navigation Training Silo Site
Chimney Stack
Con Air Plane
Con Air Tower
Dining Hall
Enola Gay Hangar     
Former Base Headquarters
Former Mess Hall
Gate 70
Gun Butt Bunker
Hangar One
Hangar Two
Hangar Three
Hangar Four
Hangar Five
High Explosive Bomb Area 1
High Explosive Bomb Area 2
Historic Wendover Airfield Museum
Latrine Home
Lightning Field Test Site
Link Trainer Building
Mr. Tow Yard
Munition Bunkers
Norden Bombsight Building
Original Hangar One Site
Partially Missing Building
Power Plant
Quartermaster Warehouse Area
Restored Barracks
Row of Barracks
Russian Inspection Station
Salt Flats Cafe Metro
Scrap Pile Double Building
Second Bomb Loading Pit
Sewage Ponds
Sewer Pumping Station
Shooting Range
Swimming Pool
Two-Story Barracks
Water Tank
Wendover Active Military Area
Wendover Airport Terminal Building
Wendover Radar Site